Campaign Qualities

Campaign Qualites

Wild creatures roam Guam, and Salaham when you venture out past the normal civilized areas. And if a boat voyages out without the blessings of Velloma, The Great Ocean can prove just as deadly.
Monsters of the world are particularly powerful. The Threat
Levels of monster and other non-rogue NPCs increases by 2.

Alignments grant fantastic powers — perhaps controlled,
perhaps not (see page 309).
Strict Universe (Permanent): Characters are aligned by
birth or cosmic arrangement. Every character gains an Alignment
at the start of the game and may never change or lose it.

In Alvaria, magic is more of a science than a gift from a Deity or being of pure power. Magic is created using mathmatical formulas and graphs. Because magic is fickle and sometimes the math on spells aren’t perfect, magic is considered wild.
Wild Magic (2 Action Dice): Magic is unpredictable or
difficult to control, leading to… exciting critical successes and
failures. The threat and error ranges of Spellcasting checks
increase by 2 and when a character scores critical success or
failure, roll 1d6 and consult Table 7.4: Wild Magic (see below).

Table 7.4: Wild Magic
Result Effect

Critical Success
1 Attunement: The spell point costs of spells you cast in this scene decrease by 1. This benefit is cumulative but may not decrease a spell’s cost to below 0 spell points.

2 Devastating Spell: The spell’s Area and/or number of targets doubles. If the spell has no Area or targets, its Duration doubles instead.

3 Empowered Spell: The spell’s save DC increases by 5 and all its numerical results increase by 50% (rounded up).

4 Forked Spell: Choose a second target within the spell’s range. That target is also affected by the spell. If the spell has notarget, its Duration doubles instead.

5 Penetrating Spell: Saves against the spell automatically fail, the spell cannot be countered, and it ignores Spell Resistance and reflection.

6 Power Surge: Your spell points immediately refresh at maximum.

Critical Failure
1 Memory Loss: You may not use this spell again during this adventure.

2 Miscast: A spell goes off but not the one you intended. Roll for a random spell of the same level on Table 3.2: Spells (see page 114).

3 Backfire: The spell goes off but affects a new target chosen by the GM (the new target may be anyone or anything, even you or another party member).

4 Backlash: You suffer 1d6 lethal damage per spell point used to cast the spell. This cannot reduce your wounds to below 1.

5 Overload: You immediately fall unconscious.

6 Power Drain: Your spell points immediately drop to 0.

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Campaign Qualities

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