Pantheon of Alvaria

Alvaria was formed out of the will of seven Gods. First a deal was struck by Vellamo and Allocthon to figure out how much land and water there would be. Twin coatl, Aestate and Bruma, danced through the air creating currents and weather. To populate this new world, Vellamo created the elves in inhabit her kingdom; Allocthon let the animals loose across the land. Tonttu like the look of the elves and created the humanoid races to live on the land. Vellamo and Tonttu asked The Eye to give their children the knowledge to grow and learn. The races of the world gifted with wisdom and an increasing intelligence, were still fearful of the creatures created by Allocthon. To give them courage and the strive to physically improve themselves, Vellamo and Tonttu pleaded with Tonttu’s father, Selja.

Deities- Vellamo, The Eye, The Twins (Summer-Winter), Tuoni (Corruption and Death), Allocthon-The Earth Rumbler

When selecting a deity your alignment that goes with it should be within one grade of the deity. You can chose to be outside of the standard alignment of your deity, however you may be labeled as a Heretic by those of the same faith.

Vellamo- Goddess of the Oceans (NG)

Vellamo is a beautiful mermaid goddess worshiped primarily by those that frequent the Great Ocean. She was the goddess also worshiped by the elves before the slaying of Tonttu, the now dead patron of the cultivated land, by the hands of Dwarf High King Kramoes. After the death of Tonttu, and seeing her elves choose to return to the sea and slumber in their ocean depth cities, Vellamo as well meditates within her waters. However, every year for a month around the anniversary of Tonttu’s death, a massive maelstrom forms in the Great Ocean preventing travel and trade via the water. This represents the anger of Vellamo.

Paths: Water, Travel, Purity, Life
Alignment Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Sea-Faring (works like Ride), Survival
Ritual Weapon: Depending on the size of the devout follower the ritual weapon takes on a couple of different forms. While Sea Brave Ogres might wield a massive ship anchor, while a human a metal ore.
Avatar: 120xp Large Water Elemental
Opposed Alignments : Those who worship Tuoni, any worshiper of Allochthon whom is not Neutral (N, NG, LN) , and any other worshiper of Vellamo whom is Evil (NE, CE, LE).

The Eye (LN)

The all knowing Eye sees all. The Eye is worshiped by those whom are believe in free knowledge and information. These people can range from leaders of Expeditions, Inquisitors and Investigators, to the Mages of Tianyi.

Paths: Knowledge, Protection, Order, Spirits
Alignment Skills: Blend, Investigate, Search, Tactics
Ritual Weapon: Metal-Shod Staff
Avatar: Jian Xitong*
Opposed Alignments : anyone who is action in such a way to destroy or suppress information and knowledge is always considered opposed to this alignment.

*Jian Xitong (Large Animal Outsider Flyer/Walker — 120 XP): Str 10, Dex 18, Con 10, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 10; SZ L (3×3, Reach 2); Spd 60 ft. flight, 30 ft. ground; Init II; Atk III; Def III; Resilience II; Health III; Comp X; Skills: Investigate X, Notice X, Search X, Sense Motive X; 
Attacks/Weapons: Talon I × 2 (aligned: The Eye; armour piercing 4; bleed; finesse; grab; keen 4), Bite II (aligned: The Eye; finesse)

The Twins: Aestate, Coatl of Summer and Bruma, Coatl of Winter (CG)

Said to be flying high above the clouds, these twin gods fly around counter-clockwise to the continents. As each one flies buy it brings upon another season to the land. When Aestate is flying over the land, the temperature is warm and sticky. When he is leaving and Bruma is making his way around, the leaves start to fall. Once Bruma comes around, the land is cold and sometimes becomes covered in a blanket of snow. The followers of these two deities believe that Aestate and Bruma have a sibling rivalry, and are in a race to be the first to have all the lands within their season.

Paths: Air, Harmony, Order, and Fire/Water-depending on the current season. While it is summer your steps down this path are Fire. If you enter an area of winter, they become water. During Fall and Spring times you may chose which path they are on, but they remain that way until the next season change or you enter a new seasonal climate.
Alignment Skills: Acrobatics, Prestidigitation, Ride, Survival
Ritual Weapon: Bows
Avatar: Coatl of the Seasons*
Opposed Alignments : The Twins normally are too wrapped up in their own race that they normally don’t oppose anyone. However they do become angry at their own followers who are too strict or evil. They oppose anyone of their faith that is either L or E (LG, LN, LE, NE, or CE). They have also made an enemy out of Allocthon, as he does not like what they do to his land. The Twins also oppose anyone of the Allocthon faith that wish to target them or their followers.

*Coatl of the Seasons (Large Animal Outsider Flyer — 120 XP): Str 10, Dex 16, Con 11, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 18; SZ L (2×3, Reach 1); Spd 60 ft. flight; Init V; Atk V; Def V; Resilience V; Health V; Comp V; Skills: Acrobatics III, Spellcasting V; Spells: Air Walk, Call Lightning II, Cone of Cold, Control Weather III, Fireball I; Qualities: aquatic I, class ability (Rune Knight: spell parry), damage immunity (bang, cold, electrical, fire, flash, heat), everlasting, fast healing, spell defense II.
Attacks/Weapons: Bite I (armour piercing 4; finesse), Tail slap III (finesse; reach 1)

Tuoni (NE)

When Tonttu was alive, the dead stayed dead and the living drove to make the world a better place. A generation after the death of Tonttu, corruption started to fill the minds of the living. These people dared to live longer, control others, and became more power hungry. Undead begin to rise in presence of his power. Tuoni was never one of the original gods, so the other deities detest this being of power. When he does appear its on a palanquin of skulls. He wears armor of pure darkness with glowing white eyes.

Paths: Darkness, Death, Deceit, Evil
Alignment Skills: Blend, Bluff, Disguise, Sneak
Ritual Weapon: Scourge
Avatar: Ghostly Mummy*
Opposed Alignments : Worshipers of Vellamo and those that still believe in Tonttu’s presences. Also Tuoni opposes those along the path of Knowledge.

*Ghostly(T) Mummy (Medium Folk Spirit Undead Walker — 120 XP): Str 18, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 12; SZ M (1×1, Reach 1); Spd 20 ft. ground; Init II; Atk IV; Def V; Resilience V; Health VI; Comp I; Skills: Notice IV; Qualities: achilles heel (fire), burden of ages, damage defiance (bows), damage reduction 4, everlasting, fearsome, tough I, veteran I.
Attacks/Weapons: Slam II (diseased: flesh-eating virus), Pharaoh’s Curse (draining, attribute II: gaze), Scarab Swarm (slowing I: cone 30ft range), Ghostly Wail (shaking III: aura 40ft. radius), Shadow of Death (draining, soul III)

Allocthon, The Earth Rumbler (LN)

It is said that Allocthon travels the earth going clockwise under each continent. The animals of the land are his children. Druids say that a sign of Allocthon’s arrival is the lack of animal life in the wilderness as they have all gone home to pray and both to their creator. When he passes through, the earth shakes and mountains rumble. Druids also claim that when Allocthon does come out of the earth, he stands as a massive titan of rock and trees and he can reshape the continents at will, but only if he gives and takes with the land he already has. This was a deal made with Vellamo as the amount of sea and land are equal. The pech of the Gambali Islands are always thankful when Allocthon comes around as natural land bridges are present for a few weeks allowing travel and trade between the islands of the archipelago easier. Pechs from the Gambali Islands are too afraid of being eaten by the large fish in the sea.

Paths: Beasts, Earth, Nature, Wilderness
Alignment Skills: Athletics, Haggle, Ride, Survival
Ritual Weapon: There are a few ritual weapons for those whom follow Allocthon: the great club which represents the tree, the Sickle which represents nature, the stiletto which represents the fang of the beast, and the Boarding Pistol representing Allocthon’s eruption of the lands
Avatar: 120xp Earth elemental
Opposed Alignments : Allocthon opposes those who follow The Twins as they will either dry up his land with heat or cover it with ice so it will not grow. He also hates those whom worship Tuoni as those who are buried within him should remain buried.


Paths: Fortune, Heroism, Strength, and War
Alignment Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Crafting, Tactics
Ritual Weapon: Longsword
Avatar: 120xp Angel
Opposed Alignments : Those who follow Tuoni and followers of The Eye who are E (LE, NE, CE.)

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