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This campaign primarily focus on the folk of the continent of Guem. Guem is composed of Humans, Ogres, Pech, Suarians, and a few mechanical Unborn.

Dwarves and Elves have both gone into seclusion since their war ended 300-400 years ago. These two races are not available for play. However, if your character concept involves you having some form of ties to that race, Elf Blooded or Dwarf Blooded feats may be allowed. However, if either of these two feats are allowed for you, the are unable to take any other racial feats for that race at first level.

Ogres were once one specific breed, however their original tribes were slowly influence by The Twins. Now ogres tend to come in two types, each showing traces of the deities touch upon them. Ogres influenced by Bruma have more of a tendency to sail the seas and are usually found on boats traveling The Great Ocean. Players who choose this option gain the Sea Brave feat for free. Other ogres that only have land legs started to develop a greater understanding of knowledge and developed fire resistance. Elders of these types have been known to be brought to the Mage City of Tianyi and have produced great fire mages. Players who choose this option gain Fire Brave for free.

Saurians from Guem come from 3 types of clutches: River, Rock, and Sky. A player may take one of these for free at level 1.

Pechs from Guem gain a free feat at first level.

Players playing a human may take Dwarf or Elf-Blooded for free at first level. If they do not they gain a free non-Species Feat.

Specialty Changes

Because magic in Alvaria is more of a science than it is a gift from on other worldly source, the specialty Sorcerer has been removed. To replace it the specialty Tianyi Student has been created.

Tianyi Student
You have spent most of your life learning calculations and formulas, learning the science of magic in dead silence.

  • Bonus Feat: Hidden Spells
  • Practiced Spellcasting: If you spend an action die to boost
    a Spellcasting check and it still fails, you gain the die back
    after the action is resolved. Against multiple targets you only
    regain the die if the check fails against all of them.
  • Carry The 1: You may spend an action when making a Spellcasting check to have its damage have Armour Piercing or Resistance Piercing equal to the value of the action die used (d4 action die gives AP4.) If the Spellcasting check fails the action die spent is lost.
  • Always Carry an Abacus: You receive 1 additional spell point per caster level.

This campaign has a feel for the age of reason.

Anyone who takes Black Powder Proficiency gains a free, non-customized, Pistol (boarding, dueling, or pocket) along with powder and shot (10) and Black Powder Forte.

Base item costs for Black Powder weapons is reduced by 25%. Powder and shot (10) cost has been reduced by 50%.

Also, there are a few Black Powder customization options.

  • Custom Grip: The gun is tailored for your hands. Anyone else trying to fire your weapon is at a -2 to hit. Comp +1. Cost +10%
  • Double Barreled: 2 barrels allows you to fire a second shot before having to reload. Error Range increased by 1. Load time is doubled. Comp +5. Weight +25%. Cost +50%
  • Floating Barrel: +1 to attack rolls when firing. Comp +3. Cost +25%.
  • Quick Load: Load reduced by 3. Error range increased by 2. Const -1 save. Comp +10. Cost +100%.

Shields from Guam are designed with a supporting purpose for firearm use. Metal shields have a notched curve on one of the top corners that is padded to allow someone wielding a firearm to use it as a brace. Tower shields have feat and teeth on the bottom allowing it to be placed on or in the ground. Also a window can be moved to the side to allow a person to use the shield as cover while firing a firearm. The new rules for these items are as follows:

  • Metal Shield Bracing: While equipped with a metal shield and a one-handed firearm, whenever an character takes an Aim action they may gain a Bracing bonus to their attack roll equal to the shields Guard bonus in exchange for the guard bonus to defense.
  • Tower Shield Portable Defense: A character equipped with a tower shield may set it up, losing its guard bonus, in one of his/her four facings to provide personal cover. All attacks within a cone of the shields front facing are subject to 3/4 cover (total if you are prone.) All remaining attacks within the shields 180 degree arc are subject to 1/2 cover. Any attacks to your direct sides or rear do not provide a cover bonus.
  • Tower Shield Firearms Slot: A tower shield used as cover can have its slot opened up allowing someone equipped with a Long Rifle or Musket to gain the benefits as if the shield was a regular metal shield.

These special shields also have bandoleers attached to their back sides. Metal Shields can hold two sidearms. A Tower Shield can either hold four sidearms or one longarm.

Due to the war between Guem and Salaham, the military has seized production and sale of all primary metal armour and shields. To be able to purchase and have a writ to craft these types of armour and shields, you need to have a specific Military or Noble Rank.

Armour Rank
Chainmail, Scalemail Military 1, Noble 1
Platemail, Articulated Plate Military 3, Noble 4
Metal Shield Military 1, Noble 1
Tower Shield Military 2, Noble 3

PC’s gaining a Heroic Rank gain a cost discount from merchants equal to 5% times your rank. If you a Gallant (rank 3 heroic title) you gain 15% off of merchandise costs.

Ranged Combat Feats
  • Speed Loader
    You are able to reload your firearms with great haste. Your Load Quality is reduced by half of your Dex modifier (rounded down.) Ex: You have a Dex of 14. The load quality on your boarding pistol is reduced to Load 6 from Load 7.

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